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All One Tools will now be shipped with a T25 bit for the screws on the GT.  Unfortunately, I could not find a TP45 that would fit in the tool so no luck on the hub bolts.

The One Tool gives you everything you need to work on your board on the go.  We've all had pieces break or loosen on us out on the trail and why be annoyed for the rest of the ride when you can carry everything you need to fix your issue in one compact tool.  Included is a 1/4 inch bit for the hub bolts, a 5 mm bit for the inner hub bolts, a 1/8 inch bit for most of the screws on the board, and a double sided Phillips head (one side is larger for adjusting flight fins, the other side is smaller for the tiny screws on the two plates under the motor).  The blade works great for cleaning debris from between your tire and foot pad, just be careful not to poke the tire.  The One Tool also features a small flashlight (batteries not included).  The batteries required for the flashlight are 3 LR621 batteries.